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04 Mrz 2009

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Wenn ich nicht gerade spiele verunstalte ich Medien. Kommt einem zu Gute bei eigenen Rollenspielen wie Malmsturm oder Projekten wie Ratten!, Savage Worlds Gentlemens Edition, Scion, Sundered Skies und ein paar anderen. An und für sich bin ich der Erzählonkel, daher auch die große liebe zu FATE. Manchmal muss es aber auch ein Burger statt Steak sein und so wird gern und oft auch Savage Worlds oder wenn es klasisch sein soll Pathfinder und Konsorten gespielt. Ich probier gern und oft Systeme aus aber die eigentliche Leidenschaft sind die Hintergrundwelten.


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Savage Worlds

Zum Fantasy-Heartbreaker Shaintar, welches auf dem Regelwerk von Savage Worlds aufsetzt gibt es neues zu vermelden. Das von manchen erwartete Weltenbuch wird Wirklichkeit, und sogar in gedruckter Form. Ausserdem wird es auch die zweite Plot-Point Kampagne Raven’s Quest geben. Dazu heißt es im Detail:

Greetings to all who love Shaintar, or at least are interested in what’s next for this epic fantasy setting for Savage Worlds.

For a while now, people have been requesting the Shaintar Worldbook as a laid-out, published product. I am pleased to announce that this is going to happen. We’re looking at the execution of this idea in full, but I think we’re going to go with a kind of piece-by-piece release over time, with a subscription framework. At the end of the release schedule, a final, complete Worldbook product (with bonus material, of course) will be released – and those who did the Subscription will get it as the final reward for their support and patience.

The Worldbook will also contain maps, additional cultural sections, and other bonus world content. Plus, just for fun, all the new Edges and stuff will also be included. And I probably will create some new stuff to add (though, as always, if it’s rules stuff, I will also post them for free online, as promised).

There’s also been the specter of a second Plot Point Campaign book, following the „Raven’s Quest“ epic in the first book. This is also in the works, though I am not ready to announce any more specifics just yet. For those who remember, the tentative title has been „The Chosen of the Horn.“ That’s still the plan.

On top of all this, I am also starting work on the first of a series of Shaintar-based novels. The series will be delving deeply into the Grand Over-Arching Story of both Shaintar and the greater world of Starfall, with a lot of the „secret history“ stuff coming out over time.

One thing that a lot of people have asked me about is the plans I had regarding a fully-shared campaign concept, tied into my Project: `77 manifesto. That sad truth is that Life happened, in a huge way, even as I was releasing the first major products for the line. Most of you know the stories, and I remain eternally grateful for all the love and support.

The plans are not dead, not by any stretch, but it may yet take some time to gather the money and resources necessary to really do what we all talked about in the right way. For now, my focus has to be on creating the content long promised and not yet delivered. Know, however, that the Dream is not forgotten, and we will one day see something of what we’ve longed for arise out of those efforts.

As always, thank you one and all for your continued support of this rather magical, epic world we’ve all come to care so much about.


– Sean


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