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30 Mrz 2016

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Wenn ich nicht gerade spiele verunstalte ich Medien. Kommt einem zu Gute bei eigenen Rollenspielen wie Malmsturm oder Projekten wie Ratten!, Savage Worlds Gentlemens Edition, Scion, Sundered Skies und ein paar anderen. An und für sich bin ich der Erzählonkel, daher auch die große liebe zu FATE. Manchmal muss es aber auch ein Burger statt Steak sein und so wird gern und oft auch Savage Worlds oder wenn es klasisch sein soll Pathfinder und Konsorten gespielt. Ich probier gern und oft Systeme aus aber die eigentliche Leidenschaft sind die Hintergrundwelten.


Das Polaris Crowdfunding bewegt sich auf 40.000 zu und das Equinox Quellenbuch bekommt nun schonmal ein Upgrade spendiert. Vom Softcover gehts zum Hardcover. Ausserdem gibt es nun 48 Seiten für mehr Text und Illustrationen. kommt uns hoffentlich das Equinox-Settingheft ins Haus geflattert. Aktuell ist die Polaris-Weltkarte freigeschaltet worden und liegt nun den Büchern bei.


We are nearly there: the 40k are in sight, and will thus unlock a FREE sourcebook. Here we have a little preview for you, and some more exciting news!

As we wish to present you a line that has the same quality throughout our different books, we will upgrade the Equinox sourcebook and print it in hardcover format! We are also adding 8 pages, to have more space for all the text and illustrations.

So, the Equinox sourcebook will be a 48 page hardcover supplement that will be offered for FREE to all backers at pledge levels POLARIS CORE and up during this Kickstarter! In the future, it will be avaiable for sale at approximatively 20€ (Note for retailers: don’t forget that you will get this sourcebook for FREE as well during this Kickstarter!).

We are going hardcover for Equinox!
We are going hardcover for Equinox!

But yeah, we keep on talking about this great and huge city of Equinox, but what is it really? Lets take a closer look…

Equinox is a city of truly colossal proportions. It is 4,000 meters high. It is a gigantic octahedron, with a central level that measures 4 kilometers along each side. The whole structure fluctuates in depth depending on current variations.

Equinox by Geoffroy "Djahal" Thoorens
Equinox by Geoffroy „Djahal“ Thoorens

The streets of Equinox are mainly walkways, and the buildings look more like large metal structures than actual buildings. If there is a central point to the whole of the Polaris RPG, universe, then it has to be Equinox.

This gigantic fluctuating city is home to three million souls, embassies of all the nations, hundreds of companies, the headquarters of the S.M.S.O., the Cult of the Trident, the Fellowship of the Watchers, and more traders and smugglers than you could find in any other city. Everything that happens on the planet has repercussions in Equinox. This city is the place to be for anyone who is interested in going on an adventure. All you need to do is wander into the nearest bar to hear about a fabulous treasure, a mysterious shipwreck, or maybe even a Genetician depot. You can trade anything in Equinox, but the most sought after commodity is information.

The neutral City of Equinox by Simon Labrousse
The neutral City of Equinox by Simon Labrousse

It is a city of contrasts. On its endless walkways, you can come across the foulest brigands just as easily as members of the upper levels of nobility. Opulence and poverty, high technology and basic tinkering coexist side by side. This is a place where you can hear tales of the deepest, darkest mysteries, and yet it is home to more secrets than anywhere else.

Equinox is controlled by the Cult of the Trident, as detailed in one of the chapters of this sourcebook.

The Cult of the Trident, led by the Demeter by Grégoire Veauléger
The Cult of the Trident, led by the Demeter by Grégoire Veauléger

The Cult of the Trident is the keeper of the peace below the seas, thanks to the international troops of the Watchers. The priests of the Trident also master the Polaris Effect—a seemingly infinite power. Led by Jason Helio, who bears the title of Demeter, the Cult of the Trident is a relatively recent organization, founded in 373 to put an end to the wars that ravaged the underwater world. This group is both political and religious, and, as far as some people are concerned, it could be humanity’s last hope for peace. For others, it is just one of the many great powers that are constantly fighting to control the world…

And this sourcebook will also let you know to which faction this lady belongs…

... by Grégoire Veauléger
… by Grégoire Veauléger

And at the end of the book, you also get a short adventure!

So we are really very much looking forward to be able to unlock this sourcebook – we hope you are too! 😀

The Polaris RPG Team

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