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29 Jan 2009

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Wenn ich nicht gerade spiele verunstalte ich Medien. Kommt einem zu Gute bei eigenen Rollenspielen wie Malmsturm oder Projekten wie Ratten!, Savage Worlds Gentlemens Edition, Scion, Sundered Skies und ein paar anderen. An und für sich bin ich der Erzählonkel, daher auch die große liebe zu FATE. Manchmal muss es aber auch ein Burger statt Steak sein und so wird gern und oft auch Savage Worlds oder wenn es klasisch sein soll Pathfinder und Konsorten gespielt. Ich probier gern und oft Systeme aus aber die eigentliche Leidenschaft sind die Hintergrundwelten.


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ch du Grüne Neune was les ich da? Nicht nur das Adamant Entertainment Spielmaterial für Savage Worlds Publikationen plant. Nein auch noch für Fate. Der Kampagnenhintergrund Mars soll für beide Spielsysteme aufgelegt werden und spricht Battlemat-Warlords und Erzählonkels gleichermaßen an. Mit AEGIS Project soll ein Quellenband erscheinen der sich für Savage Worlds mit Weltumspannende Verschwörungen, Geheimer Technologie und Aktion befasst,als Pate stehen Vorlagen wie  SHIELD, G.I. JOE, The Thunderbirds, UNIT und andere. Für Fate steht der GEdanke eines Superhelden Settings im Raum. Ok ich wär dabei! Definitiv. Grade Superhelden und Aspekte passen wie die Faust aufs Auge. Spitzenmäßig für meine beiden Liebsten Systeme cooles Zeug.
Dazu heißt es neben den Aussichten für 2009:

Adamant Entertainment: 2009

Hey there– I wanted to give everyone a look at what we’ve currently got underway for 2009.

As some of you may have noticed, yesterday we released a print compilation of every d20 Imperial Age product, called The Imperial Age Omnibus. The book is not available in PDF (the individual PDF releases will still be for sale), and is exclusively available via our website. It clocks in at nearly 700 pages in length! A solid brick of Victorian-era gaming.

The reason why we’ve released this compilation is because Walt Ciechanowski, the Imperial Age line developer, is switching the line over from the now-defunct d20 Modern to the still-thriving True20. As Walt said in his recent announcement on several forums:

„Over the last several months we’d spent a lot of time and energy getting the Imperial Age ready as an OGL standalone. […] Throughout this process, we hit a number of roadblocks. We considered consolidating skills, trimming basic classes, eliminating cross-class skills, fixing feats, turning some advanced classes into feat trees, replacing psionics, speeding up combats and NPC creation. By the time we’d completed all of that, we discovered something interesting.

The IA OGL was starting to look a lot like True20.

Not exactly, but there were enough similarities that we felt like we were re-inventing the wheel. Not only that, but True20 is still in print and has continuing support. Furthermore, using True20 allows us to start from the ground up, rewriting material so that IA is a cohesive whole rather than a collection of previous products stitched together.

After careful consideration, we decided to switch gears and move ahead with a True20 version. We feel that this will be the best version of the Imperial Age yet!“

After the release of the True20 version of Imperial Age this spring, we plan to concentrate on sourcebooks (such as the long-awaited Africa sourcebook) and adventures. We’ll also be providing conversions in these new releases for those consumers who play the original OGL version of the game.

In other d20-related news, I’ve re-started development on Adamant’s stripped-down cinematic rules-set, The Odyssey System, which we’ve described as our „Pathfinderizing“ of d20 Modern — although to be honest, we’ve hot-rodded this thing so much, it goes much further than Pathfinder does from it’s original source. Folks interested in learning more about it should check out this thread at ENWorld.

I’m continuing with development, with a plan to release the system as a free „alpha document“ in the late spring/early summer. It will be 100% Open Content (via the OGL 1.0), and we’ll offer logo files and such for publishers and gamer-website use. Our first commercial iteration of the system will be a second edition of Thrilling Tales, which should be available in late summer. If the rules system develops a following (and we hope it will), we’ll consider further uses of it — including an Odyssey version of MARS.

Speaking of MARS, a new version of the game, using the Savage Worlds system, will be released in Late February. We’ll be supporting this with adventures, supplements, etc. We’re considering the possibility of doing a version of the game using the FATE system found in Spirit of the Century and Starblazer Adventures, once we’ve satisfied ourselves that there’s enough of a market there to merit the expansion.

We’re continuing our support of 4E via our Venture 4th line — forthcoming products include continuation of our Warlock Pact releases with Pact of Blood and Pact of the Dragon Lords], a collection of Skill Challenges called By Skill Alone, as well as new creature collections starting with our Fey Folio. Our long-delayed second adventure, Against the Air Pirates, is also currently in editing, and should be released soon.

So what else are we working on?

We’re looking to branch into producing support for Mongoose’s version of the Traveller rules — and we’re starting with a doozy: Final Frontier: The Unauthorized Sourcebook to the World’s Most Popular SF TV Franchise, which is a serial-numbers-filed-off set of rules and guidelines that will allow you to play races such as the Logical Psions, face off against Swarthy Aggressors, enter careers which represent the various service devisions within the Fleet, and boldly go across the galaxy using space-warp FTL engines. This is currently in the draft phase, and not yet in editing.

Also in development for Savage Worlds is The AEGIS Project, a sourcebook featuring international intrigue, exotic technology, and furious action, inspired by such classic groups as SHIELD, G.I. JOE, The Thunderbirds, SHADO (from „UFO“), UNIT and more. Extra-ordinary threats require extra-ordinary agents, and in troubled times, The AEGIS project is there. An elite group of international agents that is ready and able to strike forth against the enemies of law and order by land, air, or sea. This, too, is currently in the draft phase.

Development is underway on Tales of New Crobuzon, our licensed RPG set in the world of China Mieville’s Bas-lag. We’re nearing the end of the initial stage (where it was all me), and getting ready to move on to stage two, where I open it up for the rest of the design team. We’re not announcing a release date yet — but we’re hoping to see it debut in time for Christmas 2009.

Beyond that, and you get into the seriously initial-stage stuff. Stuff which may or may not end up developing into Adamant releases… but for the curious among you, here goes. Things currently in the „initial notes“ stage include:

* Support for Paizo’s Pathfinder and folks playing other 3.X edition OGL. (This will largely depend on what Paizo’s publisher license looks like — although given the amount of 3.X holdovers out there, we might consider doing some 3.X in any case.)

* A 4E version of Skull and Bones, the pirates-and-voodoo supplement we designed for Green Ronin in the early 2000s.

* A superhero game based on the FATE system, using a power structure similar to the classic Marvel FASERIP rules.

We’ve got some other licensed support which might occur — but I really can’t say anything about that until the papers are signed.

So there you go. A *very* long look at what’s on our plate right now. Well, at least gaming-wise. We haven’t even begun to talk about the non-gaming entertainment projects which we’re currently working on…. But this entry is long enough already!

Thanks for your continued support, folks. We wouldn’t be here without you.

Adamant Entertainment

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